Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Year of ....Cheese

So we've decided that once a month or so we should broaden our horizons and try a different cheese. Maybe this was fueled by the red wine we drinking, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Honey had called adn told me we needed tape and that I should stop and get some more for present wrapping, because we had both waited til Christmas eve to wrap gifts. It turns out we had plenty of tape, he was just trying to stall me so he could have more time to wrap. And as it turns out, Whole Foods didn't have any tape. But they did have cheese, lots of delicous cheese. So I grabbed three small kinds and a delicous fresh baked sourdough baguette and that and a bottle of red wine was Christmas Eve dinner. And it was nice. And we relaxed and talked and nibbled on cheese and sipped wine. And that was really nice,

So we decided that we'll make friends with the cheese people at Whole Paycheck and try different cheeses once a month or so. This time we tried San Joaquin Gold Fiscalini, Brie Sheep Brebiou and Goat Humbolt Fog Cypress Grove. The Fiscalini was awesome, it was suppose to be a cross between a cheddar and a fontina, but it had that nice salty taste of a parm. But that was my favorite. Honey's favorite was the Humbolt Fog, which we've had before, but I wonder it there are different types. I'll have to do more research. The Sheep Brebiou was good, but very different. The smell when we opened it smelled like sheep, very earthy. But as it warmed up the flavor came out more and it wasn't as stinky. I'll have to research what we'll try next and I want to look and see if there is a worthwhile book. But it was fun and we have a fun project to work on together for next year.

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KristaK said...

I worked in a cheese shop for 3 years... may I suggest a few to try?
Blue Costello
Champignon brie w/ mushrooms
Goat Gouda
Cotswold double gloucester w/ chives
Cheddar w/ horseradish
Arina goat gouda
Remember to have them at room temp.